You Found Me!

Congratulations! On finding the official Easter Egg of Raze/Rebuild! You're exactly the kind of person I'd like to know. Allow me to introduce myself. I am PJ Cyto, an independent artist who's sole mission in life is to challenge the toxicity of society.

If this is something that interests you, please keep reading. If you find yourself cringing already, I think it would be best for you to close out of your browser now. No need to read any further, get triggered, and then make a nuisance of yourself on your favorite social media site.

I'll wait here while you decide.
Take your time.

Still here? Excellent!
Below you will find some information. Feel free to peruse this site and it's wares. You may find something you like. If you do, I have a gift for you. Customized specifically for your curiosity.

Use code "FoundYou" at checkout to receive 10% off anything and everything you find on my store front. This is a permanent discount code that you can use over and over. Feel free to abuse this gift or even spread its worth toward your friends.

All the art is hand made then printed on various products for your enjoyment. The blog is ongoing and paints the values of the brand.

We do not support major tech companies or social media, and therefore do not pay to advertise through them. However, there are links to share any art or blog on a verity of social platforms. Giving you the power to share anything that you find value in.

If you can't find anything you wish to own or share, but still wish to support the cause, you can simply visit our donation page. Everything we earn helps propel the ever growing list of ideas forward.

Welcome to Raze/Rebuild.